LED Panels

LED Panels represent a new option in several fields, and we believe that it’s for the better! In advertising, they eliminate pulp and paper production, which is the third largest contributor to global warming. In addition, they’re a long-term solution made with energy-efficient, durable, recyclable, and reusable parts, while staying endlessly customizable, cost-effective, and easy to use and run. We offer a selection of LED panel options which can be used for advertising, unorthodox lighting, or simply for decorative purposes.


Rely on our proven manufacturers

We offer innovative LED panels made in Germany, designed to meet the needs of everyone, from homeowners to businesses, for a variety of use cases.

Choose a solution tailored to your needs

Whether it’s used as a bold design choice for an illuminated façade or wall, illuminated information or company signs, or as an illuminated ceiling panel in a conference room or elevator, we will find a perfect setup for you.

Benefit from our technical staff

The panels are easy to install, run and maintain, and they’re very durable. Talk to us, tell us what you need, and we’ll point you in the direction of what’s right for you.

Gain control of your setup

The solutions we offer all have an immensely simple setup process. In most cases, it’s just a matter of plugging it into standard circuitry and letting it work. For any changes, you can use either a provided remote-control device or an app.



German-quality LED light panels bringing architecture and design to life.


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